Registering a legal address of a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company

Registering a legal address of a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company A legal address of Czech companies or a place of performing business activity – is the address of business registration in the Czech Republic. A legal location is considered to be the address where proprietor activity is performed. It is registered with the Commercial register and is indicated in all official documents related to the entrepreneurship after the registration. A business can have several addresses or physical locations of objects linked with an activity, for example offices and departments, but the registered (main) address is the only one. A company legal address or the sole proprietorship registration can force business development. Potential clients trust, relationships with state control institutions also depend on existence of the address. Therefore, it is necessary to take this matter seriously and rely on professionals.

Legal address of a company

A legal address is the location of a legal person, which is registered in the Commercial register and is indicated in the authorized documents. The decision regarding a legal location is to be taken by an applicant who submits documents to the register.
There are no certain restrictions on legal addresses of companies in the Republic. For the moment, there is only one condition: if a company’s legal address is located in an apartment, the usage of this flat must not harm the silence and good order in the block of flats. Regarding the state institutions a legal location defines the territory a company belongs to. The Czech Commercial court and the Czech Financial institution (Tax inspectorate) departments are also assigned by this address.

Location of a sole proprietorship

The same restriction stays for a sole proprietor opened address in the Czech Republic. If one rents a property in the country, having come in the agreement with an owner of this property it is possible to register the place of living as the address of an enterprise. In this case, an owner of the property sets a legal location.
Changing a renting property, it will be necessary to change a legal address of a proprietorship for an additional cost.

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A legal address of an SP 7200 CZK 6000 CZK
A legal address of a company 7200 CZK 6000 CZK

Why one should order a legal address in DoMyTax?

  • Our legal addresses meet all legislative standards, particularly the law №89/2012 Sb and the court pratice of the European Court regarding 43 and 48 Agreement on establising the European society. They also satisfy most important requirements of tax legislation (the law № 235/2004 Sb., the law on value added tax №280/2004 Sb. of the Internal Revenue Code);
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  • In the scopes of registering a legal location we will clarify the details of the received correspondance from the legal and financial points of view;
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