Registration of a Limited Liability Company in the Czech Republic

Do you want not only to live in the Czech Republic but to do business here as well?
Then registering a local limited liability company is exactly what you need. Czechs call this kind of firm S.R.O. (Společnost s ručením omezeným) which means that the company gives a warranty to cover probable business-related mistakes only with its own capital. This peculiarity distinguishes such companies from sole proprietorships in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of registering an LLC in the Czech Republic:

Registration of a Limited Liability Company in the Czech Republic

  • the legal right of the founders to apply for 2-year-business visa in the Republic with the possibility to obtain permanent residence permit having lived in the country for 5 years;
  • access to Social and Medical funds of the Czech Republic that guarantees gaining decree and pen-sion grants; the possibility to receive medical care covered by the state budget along with paid sick leaves;
  • 80 free licenses (types of activity) that do not require any experience or special education;
  • an easy-to-perform business around the whole European Union;
  • low-priced transactions company account active in the EU and all over the world guaranteed by the state;
  • cost-effective accounting service and tax system along with the simplicity of managing an enterprise from the bureaucratic point of view;
  • a Czech company owner bears the legal right to employ his/her relatives or friends which implies their moving to the Republic.

A registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC or LTD) for a foreign founder takes about 5 business days if the entire package of documents is prepared properly. These documents are gathered by DoMyTax company specialists in the presence of a Czech notary as fast as possible and with the highest literacy. Registration of an LLC on the turnkey basis does not require much of your participation or dealing with the peculiarities of the Czech legislation.

What is required to set up a company?:

  • the authorized capital (though there is no legal restriction on the amount of the capital except that it must be bigger than 1 koruna, providing low warranty sum can distract potential partners. Therefore our firm suggests submitting the capital in the correspondence of the potential amount of company activity);
  • a list of founders (from 1 to 50);
  • a list of managers (founders are allowed to be managers, to obtain managers income and to have all the rights of a full-time Czech employee);
  • a copy/copies of the foreign passport of a founder/founders;
  • criminal records from the native country of all the managers;
  • criminal records of founders and managers in the Czech Republic;
  • a copy of the birth record signed by a notary;
  • a confirmation on having a company account opened in any Czech bank;
  • three variants of a company name in order to choose the unique one.

Our company is capable of registering a limited company remotely without your presence. The service is per-formed on the basis of the power of attorney. The prices or the details of this service you can find here.

What is included in the “Registering a LLC company in the Czech Republic on the turnkey basis”:

  • the authorized capital in the agreed amount;
  • a package of documents collected by a Czech lawyer;
  • a state fees payment for registration;
  • notary services;
  • court translator services;
  • providing a legal address to a company;
  • setting up licenses on the chosen types of activities (if you plan to get the permanent residence per-mit on the basis of taking part in a business);
  • registering a company in the Commercial court of the Czech Republic;
  • placing a firm in the list of companies in the tax inspectorate of the Republic, obtaining a tax number.

We also offer additional assistance with obtaining the legal address, licenses, taking credit to pay the authorized capital.

Please keep in mind that there is a possibility to purchase an already existed company that was regis-tered for other owners.
Our firm bears responsibility for the clearance of the deal and guarantees providing debt-free enter-prises.

If you would like to order registering a company in the Czech Republic, contact us via the online form on our website, chat or call +420 225 850 207.