Making changes to the company structure in the Czech Republic

Over time, businesses apply adjustments, whether we’re talking about a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company.

Making changes in a company structure in the Czech RepublicAll the organizational changes and legal restructuring, regardless of the numerical strain, need to be made in Czech. Any foreign entrepreneur, who has experience with such a reorganization, will know that the process is full of challenges, both legal and operational. Administrative procedures must be performed at a high level and must conform to legal requirements. All foreign entrepreneurs, without exception, are administratively obliged in the same way that Czech citizens are.

Adjustments to the registered data of a sole proprietorship

An individual entrepreneur does business as a physical person which allows adjustments such as:

  • Changing an entrepreneur’s name or surname; 
  • Changing the legal address of the business; 
  • Changes in types of activities / licenses; 
  • Notifying of a delay or complete stop in business activity. 

Changing the registered data of an LLC

A company has its own rules and regulations, founders, managers and is registered on the basis of certain data which provides the LLC the ability to make a wider list of adjustments.

All changes to data associated with a Czech company can be divided into 2 categories:
1) changes that require one to adjust the rules of the company;
2) changes that do not require one to adjust the rules of the company.

The first category includes the changing of:

  • The legal address (if there is a need to change the address inside the administrative territory that was specified in the company’s rules and regulations);
  • Free license content;
  • Managers (without a change in the general quantity of company managers);
  • Founders (if the share distribution remains the same).

The second category may include the majority of the possible changes. In this case, the presence of a notary is required. Therefore, the price of the service is much higher. The possible changes could be linked with the company’s name, its legal address, a revised division of shares (relating to the authorized company capital), the quantity of company interests, the way they are represented by the managers etc.

Our prices

Third party services and state taxes are included.

Changing SP data 6000 CZK 5000 CZK
Changing company data without a change in regulations 6000 CZK 5000 CZK
Composing additional documents from 3500 CZK from 3000 CZK
Changing company data with a change in regulations 16000 CZK 12000 CZK

What do you need to apply for when changing your registered data with us?

It is enough to submit a power of attorney for sole proprietors.

Companies should observe the following:

As a rule, to apply, it is enough to submit a power of attorney from a manager that allows one to receive and compose a request to the Commercial register of the Czech Republic.
If the regulations have changed:
It is necessary to submit powers of attorney from each founder and one manager to conduct a meeting and make changes.

In order to create a detailed action plan regarding the adjustment of a company structure in the Czech Republic on the basis of the constitutive documents, feel free to contact us via our online forms, chat to us via our on-site function or speak to us over the telephone at: +420 228 229 092.

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