Minimum wages according to professions

2018-06-13 14:16:31

Minimum wages in the Czech Republic were increased to 12 200 CZK in 2018.

An increase in this value naturally leads to an increase in minimum possible deductions for medical insurance. They are equal 1647 korunas now. Even if an employee works under the contract on a part-time employment and earns 2000 or 3000 korunas per month, one is still obliged to pay 1647 CZK for the medicine.

However, it is necessary to understand that the minimum wages are not the same for different professions. Since the rate was increased, guaranteed minimum payments for certain professions were increased as well.
There are 8 groups of employees in the Czech Republic whose minimum wages were increased on the 1st of January, 2018. Here is the selected list of activities for orientation.

The first group (12200 korunas)

• assistance in food production (gathering, washing dishes);
• manual handing of items weighing up to 15 kg;
• simple sewing machine service, small sewing projects;
• preparatory and craft work in trade, redemption of bottles;
• basic services provided by a hotel including baggade handling and issuing keys to rooms;
• regular housekeeping, trash removal, carpet and floors cleaning;
• delivery of varies packages;
• organization of guests registration and departure, arrival and departure of vehicles, issuance of keys;

The second group (13500 korunas)

• manual handling of items weighing up to 15 kg;
• excavations;
• preparatory work, for example, preparation of building mixtures, moving building materials, operation of simple construction mechanisms, conveyor belts, mixers;
• repair of asphalt road surfaces;
• installation of scaffolding up to 10 m high;
• nursery;
• control over vehicles with total weight up to 3,5 tons;
• production of simple dishes from semi-finished products, soups and garnishes for main dishes;
• organization of accommodation in international hotels;
• and so on.

The third group (14900 korunas)

• creating interior partitions from all types of materials;
• more complicated plumbing work;
• simple mounting and heating;
• professional hairdressing services;
• independent sale of products;
• layout and organization of products in a store;
• productions and delivery of hot dishes;
• customer service in accordance with the orders in restaurants and bars including preparation of beverages;
• cash manipulation;
• independent computer work with a database, spreadsheets and text editors;
• simple job with account-invoices and accounting documents;
• control, maintenance and repair of road vehicles with more than 9 seats or vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons;
• average and general repair of vehicles;
• and so on.

The fourth group (16400 korunas)

• nurse, midwife, ambulance worker activities if they are performed under a professional supervision;
• more complicated installation and heating work;
• organization tourist groups in the Czech Republic and abroad;
• wages accounting;
• production of complicated dishes of Czech and foreign cuisine;
• making of costumes in fashion and individual production;
• editing magazines;
• and so on.

The fifth group (18100 korunas)

• control over professional activity (master, manager);
• nurse, midwife, ambulance worker activities if they are not performed under a professional supervision;
• HR and accounting, budgeting, analysis of account receivable and account payable;
• independent tax reporting and negotiations with Tax Institution;
• provision of individual business segments such as market research, supply and sales as well as costing;
• management of large assets;
• creating and testing of application software;
• permanent IT management in a company, supporting employees;
• education of preschool children;
• provision of practical training a driving school;
• and so on.

The sixth group (20000 korunas)

• provision of trade-related activity including programming and realization of international business;
• coordinating development of application software, development of its system components;
• managing computer systems, methodical user manual, identifying issues and solutions;
• creating, managing and ensuring security of local area networks and developing custom applications;
• creating concepts of information and communication systems;
• independent preparation of project documentation;
• and so on.

The seventh group (22100 korunas)

• creating a financial strategy for an organization;
• creating general marketing strategies and forecasts;
• educational and creative activity when teaching students and university graduates;
• creating concepts of information and communication systems with extensive hierarchical structure;
• development of new software and computer systems;
• doctor, dentist and pharmacist activities;
• other.

The eighth group (24400 korunas)

this group refers to scientists and senior managers
• creating a business strategy for an organization, coordination of financial and other activities and balancing resources and needs of an organization;
• financial operations in the financial and capital market;
• systematic creative work in conducting a business.

With regards to foreigners

If you are invited to the Czech Republic for a certain working position, it is necessary to understand that the qualification you have should correspond to the level of your income and hence the level of taxes. Minimum possible wages determined by the law are indicated in the above listed groups for certain full-time specialists.
If you are an employer, please keep in mind that when hiring a foreign employee it is necessary to approach the situation realistically. If hoping for a cheap labor you invite a highly qualified specialist for a low salary, he/she will be refused in issuance of a work visa and will not be able to work.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We deal with immigration in the Czech Republic for 12 years.

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