Family Foundation in Liechtenstein: Your Path to Asset Protection and Management

2024-07-09 09:30:41

Liechtenstein, known for its stable legal and economic environment, offers a unique opportunity for establishing family foundations. These foundations provide asset protection, management flexibility, and high confidentiality.

Benefits of a Family Foundation

1. Asset Protection: Reliable protection from creditors and third parties.

2. Confidentiality: All information about owners and beneficiaries is strictly confidential.

3. Management Flexibility: Customizable for family needs, including inheritance and asset management.

4. Tax Benefits: Favorable tax regime for family foundations.

Steps to Establish a Foundation

1. Consultation: Discussing client goals and needs.

2. Legal Preparation: Drafting and signing the foundation charter.

3. Registration: Official registration in Liechtenstein.

4. Management: Ongoing support and asset management.

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Creating a family foundation in Liechtenstein with our help ensures long-term protection and efficient asset management. We offer comprehensive services, including legal support, registration, and ongoing management.

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