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2017-11-28 10:44:08

The Czech Republic is one of the most comfortable countries in the European Union to move to, to do business and to live in. The Czech language belongs to the same Slavic group as Russian does; the Czech Republic is used to expats (every 14th citizen is a foreigner); the rights of the foreigners and the natives are almost equal; a huge part of the progressive population of large cities has decent English skills.

World rating

Expat Explorer Survey is the widely known independent research that has been hold for 10 years in a row. The subject of this study is expats’ life in a certain country. The Czech Republic repeatedly occupies from 4th to 12th positions among other countries in this study. The research is concentrated on three criteria: economic situation, quality of living and conditions for families. Each category has many sub-categories that refer to health care level, entertainment, security, business and carrier opportunities. The research is based on surveys of foreigners who live in the country. Most people describe the life experience in the Republic as a positive one, mentioning great opportunities in living and doing business. The Czech Republic took the first place in this rating by the cumulative assessment of all criteria. The country is extremely friendly to foreign people and leaves behind developed but mono-national states such as Denmark, Belgium or Spain.

The most important criteria

The Czech Republic took the 10th place in the world in the economy level. The work safety conditions got the country 9th place, the economic confidentiality level allowed the Republic to take the 4th place, the country got the 8th place in convenience of doing business, carrier opportunities guaranteed the Czech Republic the 15th place, and the politic situation in the country brought it the 16th place in the rating.

The foreigners rated the level of balance between work and life very high: the Republic took the 4th place in this criterion. This balance is quite visible: businessmen often face a situation when the Czechs decline meetings on weekend as they have plans with families. Such a lifestyle facilitates the development of healthy emotional atmosphere in the country and the comfortable business, where all the participants understand that there is an important part of life beyond it.

The alignment of forces in Europe regarding the world is changing, which guarantees the Czech Republic even higher positions. Very few countries are ahead of the Republic: Norway took the first place of the expat rating, and the next countries are Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. Right after a non-member of the EU – Switzerland, there is the Czech Republic. At the same time, it is the only country of the former Eastern bloc, which occupies such a high position in this international rating.
It is also worth mentioning that in a recent study of the world’s happiest nations, the Czech Republic took the first place among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Expat Insider

There is one more research based on the survey of the specialists invited to the country to do business. The Czech Republic took the 1st place in this rating as the most comfortable country for business. Foreigners in particular note working conditions and career development. Expats also mention various bonuses on the working positions that are higher in the Republic than in their native countries: the USA, Australia, Russia and Great Britain.

Foreign businessmen and specialists who reside in the Czech Republic specify that the quantity of time spent on work is the same as in the developed countries, however, the level of satisfaction from the labor is higher due to already mentioned balance between the personal life and work. 76% of expats share the opinion that their business and career life has become better in the Czech Republic compared to their home countries.

The Financial Times writes that the labor market in the Republic is extremely strong, the unemployment rate is at a record low level, and the business environment is improving every year thanks to a prosperous economy.

In addition to economic criterion, expats highly appreciated the family life in the Czech Republic. Many businessmen move with their families to Czech cities. They are attracted by cost-effectiveness and quality of education, playgrounds, family restaurants and entertainment centers. The level of all these things is quite high and Prague annually enters the top ten of the most comfortable large cities in Europe in raising children.

The Czech ratings increase along with its economy. Since the country joined the EU in 2004, local citizens and expats note the constant grow in economy, business, life conditions, quality of food and leisure. Over the past 10 years, the Czech Republic has become wealthier than ever in its history, having one of the leading economies in the EU in a line with Ireland and Slovenia.

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