Accounting for Veterinarians

In the current corporate culture of complex compliance and complex accounting guidelines, it can be energy consuming for your veterinary business to guarantee the accuracy of financial insights while controlling running aspects on a daily basis.

Regulatory hurdles, judgmental financial estimates, complex procedural formalities, detailed financial reporting details required for tax liability, and prudent behavior in the formation of financial statements might prove to be hazardous and more challenging to manage than managing the veterinary business itself.

Our years of experience and a team of CPAs enable us to serve your veterinary company side by taking care of bookkeeping. We enable you to take off bookkeeping from your to do list and place a keen eye on strategic aspects of the business.

How do we believe to serve and areas of service?

Accounting For VeterinaryBased on market understanding and years of experience we are of the view that businesses should think of subcontracting the taxation to a business of professional accountants and free up themselves for comprehensive business understanding and strategic business growth. We offer exceptional accounting services for veterinarians and enjoy a strong reputation within the Czech Republic. Our main services fall in the areas of bookkeeping, business advisory, risk advisory, banking management, internal controls, business process improvement, e-commerce based accounting, e-commerce taxation, liquidation, change of the business address, and other business hurdles to successfully manage the business in the Czech republic.

Why us?

  • Comprehensive understanding of the medical business laws prevailing in the Czech Republic.
  • An experienced team of experts to ensure a sky scraping level of services.
  • All the services are delivered with our maker-checker policy.
  • Strong quality measures and internal controls in all the services offered.
  • Team availability on and off-site depending on the nature of the work.
  • Sensible and actionable advice grounded in local knowledge and backed by regional and local experience.
  • Low service charges and excellent quality of professional services.
  • Bespoken service plans depending on the needs of your company.
  • We believe in the quality of work and performance of sound customer service to level up our reputation and satisfaction of the client.

What do we do?

  • Our firm provides a range of financial advisory services for veterinary specialists ranging from advice on some monetary transactions to the formation of financial statements.
  • Establish precision of monetary data by reconciliation, performing a test of details, implementing segregation of duties, installing sound internal controls, and identification of weaknesses in the approval and execution of financial transactions.
  • Produce essential business reports for decision-making and performance assessment and assist in other running aspects like opening a bank account.
  • Use our years of experience and extended knowledge to improve the strategic positioning of your company.
  • Ensure your accounting record is free from material misstatement and updated timely.
  • Provide assistance in carrying auditing tasks to internal and external auditors.
  • Our corporate secretarial service includes different services like sole trader registration and business registration, liquidation, change of the business address etc.

How to register a veterinary business as a sole trader and a company in the Czech Republic?

Register a veterinary businessYou’ll need very basic information for registering the veterinary business as a sole trader or a company in the Czech Republic. The information for the registration includes a certificate of no criminal record in the Czech language, a tenancy agreement for the place you have rented, and intend to register as a business address and current visa or biometric card. After submission of all required documents, it should take around a week to get a business enlistment endorsement.

Here are examples of possible services and their pricing.

Service Price w/o our tariff, CZK Price for our tariff payers, CZK
Sole trader registration with 1 year free accounting service (Start tariff) 9500 CZK/380 EUR 9500 CZK/380 EUR
Company registration with 1 year free accounting service (Start tariff) 29500 CZK/1200 EUR 29500 CZK/1200 EUR
Legal address, 1 year 7200 CZK 6000 CZK
VAT registration From 6000 CZK From 5000 CZK

* Prices do not include possible VAT.

For incorporation of the veterinary company, some more records are required in addition to the above. For instance, authorized capital account, a form of organization, name of the company, name of Directors, certificate of no criminal record from directors, and formation of articles of association.

We’ll help you throughout the process from collection of documents to filing information and receipt of the affirmation, incorporation of the company at a very reasonable price. Make sure that you use our one hour free consultation during which our representatives will explain all the details and present you a clear plan and a quote.