Registration of a Limited Liability Company in the Czech Republic

Do you want to live and do business in the Czech republic?
Then registering a local limited liability company is exactly what you need to do. The Czechs call this kind of company an S.R.O. (Společnost s ručením omezeným) and under this type of registration, a company gives a warranty to cover probable business-related mistakes only through the use of its own capital. This point is the distinguishing factor when comparing sole proprietorships in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of registering an LLC in the Czech Republic:

Registration of a Limited Liability Company in the Czech Republic

  • The founders have the legal right to apply for a two-year-business visa in the Czech Republic with the possibility of obtaining permanent residency after 5 years; 
  • Access to the social and medical services of the Czech Republic guarantees access to a pension; 
  • One may benefit from state medical care along with paid sick leaves;
  • Access to 80 kinds of license that do not require any experience or special education;
  • Attain a business entity that can be used across the EU for a whole range of different purposes; 
  • Low-fee company transactions effective in and outside the EU, guaranteed by the state;
  • Access to fairly-priced accounting support with simple management procedures; 
  • The owner of a Czech company bears the legal right to employ his or her relatives or friends which enables their relocation to the Czech Republic. 

The registration of an LLC for a foreign founder takes about five working days if the entire package of documents is prepared properly. These documents are gathered by DoMyTax’s company specialists in the presence of a Czech notary as fast and as effectively as possible. Registration of an LLC on a turnkey basis does not require much participation from your side, which saves you from the burden of dealing with the idiosyncrasies of Czech legislation.

What is required to set up an LLC?

  • Authorized capital. Although there is no legal restriction on the amount of capital (except that it must be higher than 1 koruna), low authorized capital may disincentivize potential partners. Therefore, our firm suggests investing capital in accordance with the company’s activities;
  • A list of founders (from 1 to 50);
  • A list of managers (founders are allowed to be managers, to obtain managerial income and to have all the rights of a full-time Czech employee);
  • Copies of the foreign passports of all founders;
  • Apostilled background checks from the native countries of all managers;
  • Background checks from all managers who are citizens of the Czech republic;
  • A copy of birth records for all directors, signed by a notary;
  • Confirmation of Czech bank accounts;
  • Three variants of the company name in order to choose a unique one.

Our company is capable of registering a limited company remotely without your presence. This service is performed on the basis of power of attorney. You may find out more details about this service and its prices here.

​​What is included in the ‘Czech LLC registration’ package :

  • Authorized capital registration at the agreed amount;
  • A package of documents collected by a Czech lawyer;
  • The payment of state registration fees;
  • Notary services;
  • Court translation services;
  • The provision of a legal address;
  • Setting up the chosen types of activities (if you plan to get permanent residency on the basis of local business interests);
  • Company registration with the Commercial court of the Czech Republic;
  • Placing the firm in the list of companies in the Czech tax inspectorate with the provision of a tax number.

We also offer assistance in obtaining credit for the authorized capital.

Please keep in mind that there is the possibility of purchasing an existing company that has already been registered. Our firm bears responsibility for the clearance of the deal and guarantees the provision of debt-free enterprises.

If you’d like to register your company in the Czech republic, get in touch with us via the online form on our website, chat with us through the on-site function or call us on +420 228 229 092.

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