Changing Company Address in the Czech Republic

Do you need to change a company registered or office address? Use the services from DoMyTax specialists with experience of more than 10 years. Our specialists will help to change the company address and will provide the maintenance of all the additional problems. Get professional consultation on all the questions related to changing the business address in the Czech Republic. Our help saves time and protects against mistakes and penalties.

Service Price w/o tariff, Korunas Price with tariff, Korunas
Changing legal address within same municipality From 6000 CZK From 5000 CZK
Changing legal address outside same municipality 16000 CZK 12000 CZK
Composing additional documents From 3500 CZK From 3000 CZK
Legal address 1 year 7200 CZK 6000 CZK

* Prices do not include possible VAT.


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