HOW TO: Company registration in the Czech Republic

2017-02-15 09:02:53

The Czech Republic has always been one of the most attractive places for both living and doing business.

Among its recognized advantages there are economic stability, magnificent architecture, clear and fair laws, high safety level and access to the European market of goods and services.

What is necessary to set up own business in the Czech Republic?

To start own enterprise in the European Union it is enough to register your activity either as a natural person or as a legal one. Both options give you a relatively easy way to get a residence permit here.

The first variant has been already considered here. The second one is discussed in this article.

How to register a company in the Czech Republic?

Both natural and legal persons of the full legal age without convictions and debt or other liabilities to the country’s authorities can found a Czech company.

It’s noteworthy that there is no need in providing a business plan to register a company. If you have prepared a complete set of documents in accordance with the Czech legislation, your company will be obligatory registered.

The term of the company validity is not limited. An accounting report is to be filed only once per year.

You need to make the following steps:

1. At the preparatory stage, to identify:

– Company name (excluding any coincidence with names already existing in the Czech Republic and any improper or rude words);

– Founding members (you may include your family members, relatives or friends). Upon that, a founder and a director of a company can be both Czech and foreign legal person;

– Amount of the authorized capital (it can be even 1 koruna, but we recommend to set at least 100,000 korunas. You want to set up a really successful company, after all!);

– Partnership interests of the cofounders. (In integer numbers);

– Appoint a director (or directors), who is also entitled to be a founder or can work as a natural person, entered into agreement with your company. Each director can individually make decisions on any issues, if the company charter does not say otherwise.

2. To provide the following documents:

– 2 certificates of no criminal records: one issued by the country of your citizenship (it must be translated into the Czech language!), and another by the Czech Republic;

– an agreement on the legal address of your company: you need to find an office or just a room and agree on granting a legal address in either residential or non-residential premises. Moreover, you need to get an agreement by the property owner and an extract from the Real Estate Cadaster. You can also register your property in the Czech Republic as a legal address, if any.

– a Czech notary will prepare a shareholder’s agreement (LLC regulations on the basis of all founders’ passports and information given on the prep stage;

– an agreement with a bank on opening your company account;

– a bank confirmation of the authorized capital deposit on the company account;

3. To pay the state fee for the company registration.

4. To fill the application of company registration for the Commercial Register (including a complete set of the documents collected by you).

5. To set your company’s tax account on receiving a registration certificate in written form on your legal address.


You can find information that you are a happy owner of the Czech company on Just enter the company name or a registration number in Název subjektu nebo IČO field and click on hledej.

Without any assistance

If you are ready to spend 2-3 week of your precious time, if you know the Czech language at least at a conversational level, if you can properly collect the documents and answer specific questions and if you clearly understand the sequence of actions – you can register a company in the Czech Republic independently.

With our help

If you have neither time, nor desire, nor skills to communicate with different institutions for company registration, you can find somebody to do it professionally, safely and quick. In this case, our company is a great choice! All our coworkers are based in the Czech Republic; they perfectly know the local legislation and constantly monitor the news in the country. Yes, thousands of happy clients have already chosen us! We can do it for you. After the first 12 months, you can choose an appropriate tariff, customized personally for you.

Besides registration of a company in the Czech Republic, we offer legal and accounting services, visa support, assistance with purchase, sale and subsequent management of your property in this wonderful country in the heart of Europe.

We are at a distance of one phone call or an email!

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